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Non Electric Water Softeners

Delta Non-Electric Softener Complete with Installation Kit

Delta Non-Electric Softener Complete with Installation Kit

Price: 519.00 (622.80 Including VAT at 20%)

Delta Non-Electric Softener - Hot Water Version (Max 65C)

Delta Non-Electric Softener - Hot Water Version (Max 65°C)

Price: 608.40 (730.08 Including VAT at 20%)

Mixing Set, Incl. Thermostatic Valve, Screen, NRV, Pressure Regulator

Price: 421.20 (505.44 Including VAT at 20%)

Delta Morava Duplex Non-Electric Softener

Delta Morava Duplex Non-Electric Softener

Price: 826.80 (992.16 Including VAT at 20%)

Delta Water Softeners

Delta Water Softeners

Delta Softeners present a new concept in the world of water treatment appliances and, more specifically, water softeners. Delta appliances work without electricity. Still they work full-automatically. They function only by the hydraulic pressure on the incoming water (city water, well water.) Delta appliances have no motors nor electric wires. We simply don’t need them! The moving parts are brought into movement by a dynamic pressure starting from 0.8 bar.

A Delta softener is one unit, developed and produced by one and the same manufacturer: Delta Water Engineering. All parts fit perfectly together. That is the reason why we can achieve, with smaller appliances, results that other manufacturers can only dream of. See also: “unique advantages”.

Delta softeners can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The softeners are entirely composed of white synthetic material of foodgrade quality, which allows the appliances to be installed without any problem at companies active in the food industry, public kitchens, medical laboratories and so on. Most appliances will, however, be installed in private houses (detached houses, apartments), hotels, restaurants, bars, apartment buildings and smaller industrial companies.

When the Delta softener is built around one resin vessel, we talk about a Delta-simplex. A Delta softener built around two resin vessels is called a Delta-duplex. When more than two resin vessels are used, this is called Delta-series.
Delta Simplex Softeners

Delta Simplex Softeners


First of all, Delta Simplex-softeners can be used for domestic softening. Thanks to their very small dimensions, they can easily be installed in the garage, cellar or even under the sink or in the bathroom. Even if the living area is rather compact, e.g. in apartments, it will still be possible to find just the right space for a Delta Simplex, as opposed to many other traditional softeners that are much bigger.

The Delta Simplex is the ideal application for hotels/restaurants/bars, who wish to protect their expensive appliances (steamers, coffee machines, dishwashers,…) against incrustation. Depending on the specific application, one can choose between the Simplex or Duplex-model.

Also for the protection of other appliances, such as coffee machines, dishwashers, laundry machines, steamers, reverse osmosis-appliances, the Delta Simplex offers the perfect solution.

The Delta Simplex-softeners will soften the water entirely. Thanks to the proportional resthardness-regulator, the precise amount of resthardness can be defined, when desired by the customer.
Delta Duplex Softeners

Delta Duplex Softeners


The Duplex softeners can be used for domestic applications with higher flow rate demands, in hotels/ restaurants/ bars, in public buildings and smaller company buildings.

Because the Delta Duplex guarantees soft water at all times, it is strongly recommended for the protection of other appliances, such as coffee machines, dish washers, washing machines, reverse osmosis appliances, and so on.
The appliance works according to the parallel use principle. Both resin modules are used simultaneously, but cannot regenerate at the same time. This guarantees continually softened water, because, when one module is regenerating, the other module can still deliver softened water. The advantage of parallel use is that the nominal service flow rate is about twice as high as in the case of the Delta Simplex softeners. Thanks to the unique design of the patented D.B.S. or Delta Brining System (see also explanation under options), the appliance can regenerate several times after another with entirely concentrated brine.

The Delta Duplex softeners will soften the water entirely. Thanks to the proportional rest hardness regulator, a well-defined amount of rest hardness can be left over.

Unique Benefits

•No electricity: Delta softeners work entirely without electricity, thanks to its full-automatic hydraulic functioning.

•No programming. You just need to regulate the incoming hardness and the Delta softener is ready for use.

•Very compact dimensions. Delta softeners have very compact dimensions, which allows to find the right spot for installation far more easily than with most traditional softeners: in (low) cellars, in the garage, but also under the sink, in the bathroom, and so on.

•Restricted salt and water consumption. Delta softeners are friendlier for the environment and use significantly less salt and water in the course of the regeneration. Furthermore, the duration of the regeneration is very short.

•Large exchange velocity and exchange capacity. In spite of their smaller dimensions, our softeners dispose of a very large exchange capacity and the best exchange velocity in the world of softeners: up to 400 bedvolumes per hour.

•Very easy installation. All you have to do is connect the appliance hydraulically and regulate the incoming hardness manually with a hex key. The result is an installation time that is remarkably shorter than is the case with classic softeners, and also a lot easier.

•Incorporated filter screens. At the entrance, there is a filter of 300 micron. Furthermore, each resin bottle is delivered with 2 incorporated 80 micron filter screens that are cleaned automatically during each regeneration.

•Entirely composed of synthetic material of very high quality, so that all components are free of corrosion and the appliance has no effect whatsoever on the aggressivity and corrosivity of the water to be treated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is The Softener Easy In Maintenance?

Is The Softener Easy In Maintenance?

The valve housing is provided with metal inserts. Due to this it is possible to assemble and disassemble the covers without any chance of damaging the thread.

By using uniform securing clips, the components can easily be mounted and remounted.


Is There A Risk That The Salt Container Will Overflow?

1.Volumetric shut-off: during service there will be no pressure in the brine line.

2.The Brine Valve is provided with a double seal that closes off the water supply when the water level becomes to high in the brine tank.

3.The safety unit device will close off the water supply to the salt container when a small pressure is built up in the brine line.
Isnt The Resin Tank Too Small to Ensure a Perfect Functioning?

Isn’t The Resin Tank Too Small to Ensure a Perfect Functioning?

Contrary to the relative small volume of resin, a good functioning and soft water supply during the whole cycle is guaranteed.

1.The resin tank will be able to become an exchange capacity of 400 bed volumes / hour.
2.The size of the resin that we use is 300µm (monosferic). This type of resin has a high exchange capacity.
3.All the resin will be used, there is no wasted space of unused resin. (see figure)
4.Compact bed.
Are There A Lot Of Settings To Do Before The Softener Will Be Operational?

Are There A Lot Of Settings To Do Before The Softener Will Be Operational?

No, only 2 settings have to be made:

1.The incoming hardness.
2.The blending. (rest hardness)

Both settings can be done with the same hex-key.

What Is The Working Pressure To Guarantee Good Functioning?

Minimum pressure: 1 bar, maximum: 8 bar.

Are Small Flows Measured?

There is a built-in water meter which is very precise. It registers a flow starting from 5 l/h.
Is The Device Protected Against Small Impurities In The Water?

Is The Device Protected Against Small Impurities In The Water?

There are 3 built-in filters. 1 Filter of 300µm at the inlet and 2 of 80µm in the resin tank. During each regeneration, the filters of 80µm will be cleaned automatically.

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