Aqua Multi Systems

AquaMulti and AquaMulti BIO are multifunctional water filtration medias that consist of five, high quality ingrediants (ion exchangers and adsorbents). It is an effective one step eliminator of the 5 main problems (hardness, ion, manganese organic and ammonia) in domestic and industrial applications. AquaMulti decreases the level of organic matter up to 50% (AquaMulti BIO upto 80%). The media works with many water supplies (mains, borehole and well), regardless of iron form (colloidal, ferric or organic), pH level, hardness, hydrogen sulphide or organic content. HOWEVER it can foul and high bicarbonate causes concreation

Clack V3006 Bypass

Clack V3006 Bypass

Price: 22.80 (27.36 Including VAT at 20%)

Funnel, 2.5

Funnel, 2.5" for Filling Vessels

Price: 3.35 (4.02 Including VAT at 20%)

Funnel to suit 4

Funnel to suit 4" and 6" Top Hole Vessles

Price: 18.75 (22.50 Including VAT at 20%)

SOFT-SEL REGULAR, Round Salt Tablets, 25 kg

SOFT-SEL® REGULAR, Round Salt Tablets, 25 kg

Price: 10.40 (12.48 Including VAT at 20%)